Consulting services

We develop overall strategic consulting projects as well as operative plans in the following areas:

Implementation of marketing instruments and models

Restructuring and introduction of marketing models and practices in order to improve the profitability of the target segments, products, sales channels and market communication.

Commercial policies, sales plans, goal setting, sales activities

Outline of the shortest way for adopting the maximum of the target market potential, with regard to the current level of development, the available company resources, and the identified hidden reserves. Achievement of balance between the different channels of realization of the products and services, maintenance of the interest down the chain in both the short- and long-term.

Re-engineering of basic business processes

Analysis, assessment and introduction of changes in the activities for development, launch, and sales of the products and/or the services of the company. Optimization of the key functions in the client-oriented companies, integration of approaches for activity management through targets, development of written rules and procedures, introduction of key performance indicators.

Organization and operational design

Alignment of the potential and the targets of the client company with its organizational structure. Definition of the departments, functions and resources that will secure the achievement of the desired results in both the short-term and the long-term.

Client relationship management

Achievement of better understanding of the clients and adding value to every aspect of your relationship with them. Development of models for data mining and client information research as one of the most valuable resources for the achievement of sustainable growth.

Introduction of systems and processes in the field of human resources management

Management, development and motivation through the introduction of systems based on individual targets, which are in line with the framework for strategic development of the client company.

Development of successful management competencies and skills within the managerial team of the company

Dedicated work for the development of highly effective professional managers and managerial teams on both middle and top level. Coaching of the company management aimed towards their personal and professional development, better management of their growing responsibilities; provision of support with the strategic decision taking.


Our management trainings and sales seminars are geared towards practical improvement of the knowledge, skills and motivation of the participants.

Being a consulting company, we are able of both addressing our own experience and the experience of the successful companies we work with in the context of the particular seminar topic and thus providing the members with working decisions and models.

In our trainings for managers and seminars for salesmen we use a combination of the modern world tendencies and practical role plays, which we develop on the seminar itself.

We are flexible regarding the training formats – we provide decisions in cases of both individual participations and larger groups of representatives of the same company.

The results from our management and sales trainings: the participants gain applicable knowledge and approaches, which they can adopt in their work from the next day.

European Projects

Image Consulting has the capacity to successfully develop proposals and projects for all of the EU funded operational programmes.

Our clients’ projects are among the top-rated proposals, some of them receiving the best score at the evaluation.

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